Business Formation / Incorporation

High Tech Accounting is here to help you start your new business. Forming a business has many important steps and we are here to help. We will assist you from start to end in forming your business and helping you with any questions or confusion you may have about where to start or what entity to choose. Our experience in various industries as well as complex tax laws will be beneficial in helping you choose which road is the best for you.

Our services to assist you include helping you draft your business plan where we will be able to look over your main objectives, what strategies you are looking towards, help you get an idea of how your industry is currently performing and what markets are best for you to get into. We will then move into how much capital your business will start with and if any other investors will be involved. We will help you create a partnership agreement if you have partners and help you file for your local and state permits and also licenses. Another important aspect of starting a business is helping you understand the importance of employment laws and setting up your payroll accounts.

At the completion of the foundation of the business idea, we will move on to helping you actually choose which entity is best for your business. We will assist in filing a name reservation with your state, create and file your articles of incorporation with the state, prepare your minutes and checklists, create the By-Laws, the corporate book and complete all necessary tax forms.

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